Having remote employees is not only cost effective but it is also one of the newest trends in business these days. More and more companies are hiring workers to work from home, or remotely. This is one of the most cost effective things that a business owner can do.

There is no need to rent large and expensive office space. No need to buy desks, computers, office supplies, chairs, and the seeming less endless need of other essential supplies that an office needs to function.

The benefits of having your employees work remotely are many. But at the same time, there are a few downfalls to having employees working remotely.

You have no control over their work environment. One of the problems of hiring remote workers is the fact that it will be a little more difficult to manage them all.

If you have an office of 10 workers then they are, at least, all together in one centralized space.

However, if you have 10 remote workers, they are in 10 different places and even possibly in a different country.

It will take a little more effort to get them organized in the days activities and also to make sure that they are in fact working.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons when working with remote employees.

You get to save a lot of money and at the same time get to improved performance but you lose a little bit of control.

Normally, you can't monitor their work as much as if they were working in your office space.

The answer will be YES!

Remote Desktop Screen Capture (aka Remote Desktop Capture) to the rescue.

There are many benefits when working with a remote desktop capture:

1) It gives you the ability to monitor the work of your employees remotely. Thus eliminating the risk of errors and/or inactivity.

2) The system will take automatic screenshots of the desktop of your workers every 3 minutes. This will provide you with a history or what they have done the entire day whether they are in the Philipines or around the corner.

3) You will be able to provide better assistance to your workers when you see that they might be stuck on a particular task. For instance, if you notice that many images in sequence are the same, that could imply that either your employee is not working or needs help on that particular task.

4) Easily manage multiple employees from one online platform. You will have greater control of the work being done because you will be able to monitor them all, no matter where they are located.

5) Gives you the peace of mind to know that you can always verify the effectiveness of your employees work. We are all human and can get distracted at times. This Remote Desktop (aka Remote Desktop Capture) will allow you to verify and see that what your workers are telling you is in fact true.

6) Allows you to correct problems while they are small, making better employees and your company more productive.

7) The Remote Desktop (aka remote desktop capture) will have the ability to make sure that your employee is only spending time engaged in getting their work done. If your employee is spending a significant amount of time surfing the web instead of doing work, this remote desktop capture system will allow you to detect it.

This remote employee screen capture is not only great if you hire employees who work remotely or possibly in a different country, but also for the businesses that work in a traditional working office space.

As your employees are working, the system will be taking screen shots of their work every 3 minutes.

You then have the ability to view those screen-captured-shots online to determine how effective they are working.

Avoid discussions or disagreements by showing what actually happened.

Catch employees doing illegal or unethical activities and much more.

This Remote Desktop Screen Capture is not a spy tool of any kind, and while it is extremelly easy to install, it is not designed to spy on your employees, but acutally to view their working space (their computer screens) automatically at intervals with their permission.

Remote Desktop (aka remote desktop Capture) has two parts:

a) The small program that is installed in your employee's computer.

b) The online viewer that you will use to review your employees' screeshots.

For each employee that you want to monitor you will get one little program that you will send to that employee. This program is ran when they start working and stopped when they finished. Pretty much as they would do with any punch-card system.

Then every 3 minutes the Remote Screen Capture Software will send an image to the viewer

Optionally, the employee can send an "extra" screenshot at any time by clicking the "Send Screenshot" button. This is useful in guiding your employee on a particular task when you want to know right away where he is at that moment.
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